About Mana

Mana Ottmer

Mana Ottmermana-mana

Mana Ottmer (1976) left her native country Georgia in 2011 to live with her love in the Netherlands. The decision was difficult, because she not only had to leave her family and friends, but also her beloved country Georgia.
A country which has made her grow up with a good dose of art and culture – because this country was at the cradle of civilization, it has since ancient times enjoyed influences from all parts of the world through the Silk Road. The passengers that pas through there did not only pass by but also settled in the last millennia.

After her college education her interest in art and culture brought her to study Georgian art and dance at the university of Tbilisi. During her following career in Georgia (among others as a project coordinator for arts and culture projects grants in Georgia) she always had the desire to create jewelry with traditional Georgian enamel art. But she never had the time for it in Georgia; raising her two sons and a full-time job wasconsuming most of her time.

Once arrived in the Netherlands, she has decided to let this wish come true and in a warm summer she has followed a private course in cloisonné enameling in Georgia.
Returning home in The Netherlands, she created a studio in her house and has mastered the technique in subsequent months. Then she began to further define her own style using the Georgian Cloisonne enamelling technique.

She now makes unique jewelry with precious metals (copper, silver and gold) which with meticulous thin wires and cloisonné enamel, elevates jewelry to small works of art.